Owosso Coach Company

Travel Trailers

Owosso, Michigan

Not much information is available about the Owosso Coachworks company which was in business in Owosso between approximately 1946 to 1960. Looking for more information about this travel trailer company.

1948 Owosso trailer was an all metal trailer available in dark battleship gray, dark forest green, or dark marine blue.

The 1949 Owosso trailer was offered with an interior shower, but no toilet. Same exterior colors like the 1948 models.

This is a 1949 Owosso Tandem and is about as retro as they get. Built by the Owosso Coachworks, it was all the rage in its day.

Originally painted, but with a near-perfect aluminum skin underneath. The exterior walls are constructed of an oak frame, with birch panels inside and an aluminum skin outside. Nearly all of the original items remain except refrig. and stove in 2006. It was listed on ebay for sale.

The trailer weighs about 3500 - 4000 lbs. and has lived outside all of its life, it is remarkably complete. The bathroom is essentially an aluminum-lined closet, painted blue, big enough for a toilet and small sink. The entire enclosure functions as a shower.

The 1950 Owosso trailers were available in longer sizes and in a two bedroom model with a front bedroom as shown. They offered the dark exterior colors.

The 1952 Owosso trailer offered a 8 ft x 22 ft trailer.

Owosso Coach Company became the Owosso Mobile Home Company.

In 1959 Owosso Mobile Homes came out with a unique slant in the exterior living room wall creating a "Verand-ette" entrance with a planter. It was a very attractive feature.

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