Brown Street Clock

Monessen, Pennsylvania

Monessen, Pennsylvania was home to the Brown Street Clock company. Every Brown clock bears the city name "Monessen, PA".

The Brown Clock Company sold several hundred street clock in the early 1900's. This website lists approximately 55 clocks at this time.

Brown built five different street clock models with tallest being 14 feet, 10 inches. The head and base were made of cast iron and the fluted column of 2-ply, 22 gauge galvanized steel, doric design. The dials were custom designed with the jeweler's name on it. And clock numbers could be either Roman or Arabic style font.

The Brown Street Clock pictured below, today, is owned by the City of Monessen, PA. It was moved from Owosso, Michigan and restored in 2014.

Originally this clock was installed by F.A. Earl at his jewelry store on Front St. downtown Traverse City, MI in about 1915.

Here it is in the 1940's

F.A. Earl's jewelry store closed in the 1980's.
Steve Schmidt purchased the clock from a Traverse City antique shop in the early 1990's

Below, the dial and marquee have been replaced with new plex.

Here is the clock in Nov. 1996 downtown Owosso, MI
Vern and Steve Schmidt put the finishing touches on the installation

V.L. Schmidt Jewelers closed in 2012 and sold the clock to the City of Monessen, PA

Moving the clock to Monessen in 2013

John Harhai, Monessen City Administrator and Jan, the Mayor of Monessen are to be credited
with bringing the clock back to Monessen. It was their vision to use the clock as the centerpiece
of the downtown renewal project.

A major jewelry supply company by the name of Swartchild & Company of Chicago, advertised the Brown Street Clock Company line of street clocks in its circa 1910 catalog.

According to the ad......The Master movement is located in the base and runs eight days with one winding. Electric lights were installed behind dials for illumination and the clock weighs 1,625 lbs. when crated for shipment.

Dial Gears set-up

This clock was converted to electric by adding a 1 rpm Telechron motor to the orginial movement - above and below.

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