American Street Clock History

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Early 1900's

Street or Post Clocks were especially important in the early days when the average citizen could not afford a timepiece. Many times the village jeweler provided the clock for the benefit of all.

Today there are many reproduction street clocks being manufactured and installed around the U.S. This webpage is concerned only with street clocks produced in the early 1900's and researchers continue to attempt to determine the number of original street clocks produced by American street clock manufacturering companies and those that have survived over the last 100 years.

Major American Street Clock company research indicates the following estimates:

Ansonia Clock Company ------- 40 street clocks manufactured of which 2 known to survive and 4 clock movements survive

Brown Street Clock Company ----- approximately 1,000 manufactured and at least 60 have survived

Electric Time Company ------ many of these clocks exist today

Gillette Clock Company ------ very few of these exist today

E. Howard Clock Company ----- 1887-1905 street clock production totals approximately 348 --- the exact count that survive has been undetermined.

Mayer Brothers------ About 100 Mayer clocks were produced and approximately 49 survive.

Seth Thomas Clock Company------ Approximately 213 - 2 dial street clocks and 71 -4 dial models were manufactured --- the exact count that survive has been undetermined.

George Stevens Street and Tower Clock Company ------ No street clocks are known to exist.



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