American Record Pressing company

Owosso, Michigan

Located in the old Sugar company plant, the American Record Pressing Co. manufactured 45's and long play records for many years. On Oct. 30, 1972 the record pressing company burned. It was loscated at 1810 W. King St. Owosso, MI.

Below is an example of the BEATLES record that was made in Owosso.

- Please Please Me / Ask Me Why - VEE-JAY 498

Vee-Jay's first release of Beatles music in the US, with the famous mis-spelling of their name. It should have been spelled with one 't'.

This is the "thin print" variation...the letters ARP appear in the trail-off area of both sides, indicating this 45 was made at the American Record Pressing Company in Owosso, Michigan. The trail-off also has the AudioMatrix stamp, and the numbers 63-2967 (A side) and 63-2968 (B side) etched.

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